Earning XP Guide in Pokemon GO 2023

The exciting world of Pokémon competitively initiated in 2000 with a localized championship in various proximities around London. The regulation for this seminal championship was clear-cut: competitors were only permitted to utilize Pokémon from the Red and Blue versions. However, participants had to ensure their Pokémon were at their peak level, possessing the finest possible moves.

Fast-forward from that juncture, the competitive landscape has broadened to include TCG and mobile games such as Pokémon Unite and Pokémon GO. Yet, enhancing Pokémon in Pokémon GO deviates significantly from conventional Pokémon games, as it’s directly linked to a gamer’s “Trainer Level.” The process of acquiring XP in Pokémon GO may not always be as intuitive as anticipated, particularly without suitable guidance.

Accruing XP via Pokémon Catching

One efficient strategy to amass XP is through Pokémon catching, but this largely hinges on the quantity of Pokémon spawning in a given area. Gamers inhabiting rural areas may find it somewhat daunting to gather an impressive amount of XP via Pokémon catching. Besides accruing XP, trainers also collect Stardust, essential for Pokémon level-up.

This methodology can be simplified through the deployment of a Pokémon GO Auto-Catcher. These innovative devices catch Pokémon without the necessity of the gamer being online, but they are limited to the use of Poke Balls and can’t utilize Great/Ultra Balls. The predominant drawback of employing an Auto-catcher is its substantial use of Poke Balls, necessitating players to amass a significant amount before usage.

XP Acquisition through Pokémon Egg Hatching

The intriguing mechanic of Pokémon Egg hatching debuted in Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, when gamers were presented with a cryptic egg set to hatch after achieving a specific number of in-game steps. Pokémon GO incorporated this same mechanic, but it necessitates actual physical steps in real life.

XP is rewarded each time an Egg hatches. The quantity of Incubators possessed by a player determines the number of Pokémon Eggs they can incubate. To maximize the XP from Egg hatching, players are encouraged to activate Adventure Sync, as it tallies the steps taken even when the game isn’t actively running on their mobile device.

Accruing XP by Engaging PokeStops or Gyms

Interacting with PokeStops or Gyms represents one of the most fruitful avenues for gamers to obtain Poke Balls (including Great/Ultra Balls), Berries, and Evolution Items like Metal Coat or Up-Grade. Besides, spinning PokeStops or Gyms also yields a decent amount of Trainer XP, so players should aim to engage as many as possible during their Pokémon GO sessions.

A PokeStop or Gym can be interacted with every 5 minutes (signified by the PokeStop/Gym turning purple during the cooldown phase). There exists a daily limit of 1,200 interactions (7,000 interactions weekly), but it’s unlikely for a player to reach this limit unless employing an Auto-Spinner.

Accumulating XP through Raids or Rival Gym Battles

For those aiming to complete the Pokedex in Pokémon GO, participation in Raids is crucial as they offer one of the few opportunities to capture distinctive or Legendary Pokémon. Raids also offer a considerable amount of XP (particularly Legendary Mega Raids), making them a fundamental part of a player’s leveling journey.

Solo raiding can be quite challenging, hence, it is beneficial to collaborate with friends or other Pokémon GO enthusiasts to defeat a Raid Pokémon. Regarding Battling Rival Gyms, trainers should employ their finest Pokémon to overcome the Rival Team. It’s also possible to join forces with players from the same team to swiftly take down Rival Gyms.

Amassing XP with Friends

Undeniably, escalating the Friendship level among Pokémon GO friends is one of the most potent methods for accumulating tremendous amounts of XP. To illustrate, on achieving Best Friend status with a Poke Friend, trainers are rewarded with a whopping 100,000 XP.

However, it’s worth noting that reaching Best Friend or any other status is a time-consuming process. To attain Ultra Friend status, players must engage (gift sending, cooperative battling, or trading) with that individual for 30 Days (consecutive days not required). For Best Friend status, interaction with another player for 90 days is necessary.

Alternative Ways of XP Accumulation

Mass-evolving is a prevalent strategy for XP accrual in Pokémon GO, where trainers evolve hundreds of Pokémon while under the influence of a Lucky Egg. Gamers should concentrate on capturing Pokémon that necessitate 25 Candies for evolution to maximize this strategy. Upon amassing at least 100 or more Pokémon ready for evolution, a Lucky Egg can be used to evolve them all.

Moreover, trainers can gather a respectable amount of XP by accomplishing Special Research tasks like “Let’s GO, Meltan” or “A Thousand-Year Slumber.” However, these offer a one-time XP reward, so it’s important to keep expectations realistic about the XP gains from completing these Special or Timed-Research tasks, apart from item rewards or Pokémon encounters. Additionally, a Research Breakthrough is only achieved by completing seven Research Tasks over seven days (consecutive days not required).

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