The Hardest Medals To Earn in Ranked Pokemon GO

The revolution that Pokemon GO brought to the gaming industry, particularly mobile gaming, is a widely acknowledged fact. This is largely attributed to the game’s ability to sustain player engagement through its continual content updates and introduction of various Pokemon from different generations. These factors alone elevate Pokemon GO as a leading title in the realm of mobile games.

However, Pokemon GO is more than just a basic “gotta catch ’em all” ambulatory game. It caters to a diverse range of gaming preferences, from the thrilling Battle Leagues to the adrenaline-filled Mega Pokemon Raids. Beyond the ambition of completing the Pokedex, players, especially completionists, are challenged with earning unique Medals that offer minor boosts to their accounts. It’s essential for these Trainers to identify the Medals that pose the most formidable challenges.

The Gentleman: Trading 2,500 Pokemon

Trading has long been a fundamental aspect of the Pokemon gaming ecosystem, allowing players to complete their regional Pokedex. Notably, certain Pokemon such as Poliwhirl, Kadabra, and Machoke only evolve upon trading. However, trading in Pokemon GO is subtly intricate, as it necessitates meeting specific conditions.

The initial requirement is that the players involved in the trade must be friends and be in close physical proximity (with a cap of 101 trades daily). Additionally, a certain amount of Stardust, varying with their Friend Level, is needed to facilitate the trade, potentially making it quite a costly affair. Therefore, unlocking the Gentleman Medal, which requires a whopping 2,500 trades, is quite a daunting task.

The Pilot: Accumulating 1,000,000 KM Across Pokemon Trade Distances

Even more challenging than executing 2,500 trades is the completionist’s journey towards earning the Pilot Medal. This achievement necessitates an impressive accumulation of 1,000,000 km from trade distances. Contrarily, Pokemon GO doesn’t consider the trading distance between Trainers (restricted to 100 meters) but the geographical location where the Pokemon was originally caught.

For instance, if a Trainer has caught a Pokemon in Spain and is trading with a Pokemon caught in the United States, the trade distance will be approximately 7,000 km. Achieving the formidable 1,000,000 km milestone will require patience, numerous trades, and strategic usage of Special Trading Events to bypass certain trading constraints.

The Wayfarer: Earning 1,500 Wayfarer Agreements

While Pokemon GO is Niantic’s crowning jewel, Ingress was their pioneer AR game that laid the foundation for the mechanics present in Pokemon GO. In Ingress, players could establish Waypoints (akin to PokeStops or Gyms) through the Wayfarer Program. Trainers with aspirations to establish a PokeStop or Gym will need to use the Wayfarer Program, but accessing this program is no walk in the park.

Trainers need to attain level 38 and successfully pass a test to qualify for the Wayfarer Program. Moreover, securing the Wayfarer Medal requires the completion of 1,500 Wayfarer Agreements. Essentially, players must vote (either for or against) the creation of PokeStops or Gyms, with their vote aligning with the majority of other Wayfarers.

Master League Veteran: Winning 1,000 Trainer Battles in the Master League

For many, the PvP dimension of Pokemon GO is a domain best left unexplored, primarily due to its rigorous demands of leveling up Meta Pokemon and engaging in real-time battles against numerous players. As Pokemon GO edges towards the intensity of Pokemon World Championship-worthy competitions, the degree of fierceness of these battles continues to escalate.

Thus, securing the Master League Veteran Medal counts among the most arduous challenges, requiring players to engage in battles against hundreds of different trainers without any restrictions. This necessitates facing perfect IV Pokemon teams, all of which are at their maximum levels, often making these battles a test of both skill and patience.

Purifier: Purifying 1,000 Shadow Pokemon

At first glance, achieving the Purifier Medal may appear relatively straightforward. In reality, it requires players to invest thousands of Stardust and accumulate hundreds of Candies. The cost of Purifying a Pokemon can range from 1,000 to 5,000 Stardust, with an additional requirement of a specific amount of Candies (usually 3 to 5) to Purify the Pokemon.

The most formidable aspect of this challenge involves confronting and defeating 1,000 Team Rocket Grunts/Leaders to secure the Shadow Pokemon. However, with an aptly assembled team, most Team Rocket Grunts and Leaders can be overcome with relative ease.

Successor: Mega Evolving 1,000 Pokemon

The introduction of Mega Evolution to the Pokemon universe stirred a mixed reaction among players. While some found it frustrating, as it added complexity to the PvP segment of the series, many players relished the increased diversity it offered to the competitive realm. In Pokemon GO, Mega Evolutions are not allowed in PvP Trainer battles. However, obtaining a Mega Evolution is no easy feat.

To accomplish this, players need to battle and defeat Mega Pokemon in Raids to accumulate 45 Mega Energy. Hence, players striving for the Successor Medal should be prepared to complete a large number of Mega Raids, considering that each Pokemon requires 200 Mega Energies to evolve.

Unknown Medal: Catching 26 Unique Unknowns

The most challenging medal to acquire in Pokemon GO is, without a doubt, the Unknown Medal. This is largely because Unknowns are among the rarest Pokemon in the game, irrespective of the location or time. To earn this elusive medal, players must catch all 26 unique Unknowns, a task that becomes increasingly daunting due to the low spawn rates of these Pokemon.

Niantic has introduced in-game events designed to enhance the spawn rate of Unknowns, but even with these, catching all 26 unique forms remains a formidable challenge. Consequently, the most “efficient” strategy involves seeking out Trainers who possess Unknowns, bearing in mind that they need to be in close physical proximity.

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