Referral Program Rewards in Pokemon GO

Within the vast community of Pokémon GO, a considerable number of players are hyper-active, while others have taken a hiatus from the game. As a strategy to revive the engagement of dormant players and entice fresh recruits, a rewarding referral program has been introduced, through which active players can amass a range of worthwhile incentives.

Every existing Pokémon GO enthusiast has the privilege to distribute a unique referral code. This code can be utilized by novices entering the game or by players resuming after a minimum inactivity period of 90 days. Upon the submission of a referral code, players are immediately gifted with 100 Pokeballs. Furthermore, both the referee and the referrer stand a chance to gain additional rewards as the new or rejuvenated player accomplishes specific tasks.

Referral Program Rewards

Referral program rewards can be availed from the players’ friend list. It is noteworthy that the rewards are purely based on the progress made by the new or returning players, determining when prizes are earned by both the referred and the referring party.

Currently, there is an assortment of fifteen tasks that can be undertaken by fresh or returning players to procure rewards for themselves and the individual providing the referral code. The incentives differ for each player, and the type of reward is contingent on who provides the code and who fulfills the tasks.

The tasks that can be accomplished by new or returning players to acquire rewards for themselves and the referrer include:

  • Triumph over three Team GO Rocket Grunts – Gain a Charizard encounter
  • Capture 1,000 Pokemon – Obtain Three Incenses (Referrer) / Three Premium Battle Passes (New or Returning Player)
  • Accumulate 50 Candies while walking with your buddy – Secure 30 Rare Candies (Referrer) / Five Premium Battle Passes (New or Returning Player)
  • Conquer a Team GO Rocket Leader – Earn 50 Charizard Mega Energy
  • Feed your buddy 50 treats – Win a Gible encounter (Referrer) / Five Rare Candies (New or Returning Player)
  • Succeed in 20 Raids – Get Five Super Incubators (Referrer) / Three Super Incubators (New or Returning Player)
  • Visit Poke Stops for 30 consecutive days – Encounter an Unknown Pokemon
  • Exchange Pokemon five times – Receive Ten Pidgey Stickers
  • Catch 50 Pokemon – Encounter Darumaka (Referrer) / Win a Super Incubator (New or Returning Player)
  • Victorious in three Raids – Secure a Premium Battle Pass (Referrer) / Encounter Lapras (New or Returning Player)
  • Befriend two new players – Gain 10 Pikachu Pal Stickers
  • Hatch three Eggs – Meet Farfetch’d (Referrer) / Earn One Rare Candy (New or Returning Player)
  • Achieve 100 Nice Throws – Win Two Super Incubators (Referrer) / Encounter Snorlax (New or Returning Player)
  • Hatch 20 Eggs – Encounter Deino (Referrer) / Meet Chansey (New or Returning Player)
  • Win a Raid – Encounter Bagon (Referrer) / Gain a Premium Battle Pass (New or Returning Player)

These tasks aren’t designed to be accomplished in a rush; instead, they’re meant to be completed naturally as players navigate through Pokémon GO at their own pace. These enticing rewards serve as significant motivators for players to plunge back into the game and explore the vast array of new content that they’ve missed during their break.

How Does the Referral Program Work?

Launching the Referral Program is relatively simple. Veteran players send a unique referral code to prospective Pokémon trainers. When these new trainers use the referral code to sign up and achieve certain milestones in the game, both parties receive incentives.

The Bounty of Referral Rewards

The referral rewards are diverse and alluring. These range from Pokémon encounters to Rare Candies, Stardust, and other beneficial items. Niantic designed these rewards to aid player progression, thereby encouraging continued exploration in the Pokémon world.

Pokémon Encounters

A notable reward is exclusive Pokémon encounters. Referred trainers, as well as those who referred them, have a chance to encounter elusive and powerful Pokémon that they might not stumble upon through regular gameplay.

Rare Candies and Stardust

Rare Candies and Stardust are valuable resources in Pokémon GO. These items, earned as referral rewards, accelerate the evolution and strengthening of your Pokémon—allowing players to gain an edge during battles.

The Multi-Level Referral Benefits

The Referral Program doesn’t stop at one level; it spans multiple. As the referred friend progresses through the game, hitting new milestones, additional rewards keep rolling in for both parties. This multi-level aspect makes the Referral Program a continual source of valuable benefits.

Reaping the Best from the Pokémon GO Referral Program

Strategically, it’s best to refer players who are likely to stick with the game and reach those crucial milestones. This approach amplifies the chance of earning high-tier rewards, offering long-term benefits to both the veteran and new player.

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