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Ever since its global launch in 2016, Pokemon GO has taken the gaming world by storm, largely owing to its revolutionary AR mode. This unique feature turned the digital Pokemon into tangible beings that could be placed anywhere in the real world, revolutionizing the gaming experience and propelling Pokemon GO to become one of the most popular mobile games worldwide with over 70 million monthly players. Not just this, but Pokemon GO’s ‘Trainer Level’ feature is another standout that sets it apart from other Pokemon games.

The ‘Trainer Level’ determines the strength of a Pokemon, making it a significant factor for those wishing to compete in the GO League. Players must, therefore, focus on raising their Trainer Level. The initial 40 Trainer Levels are relatively easy to achieve, but from Level 41 onward, players need to accomplish specific tasks to advance. However, players who wish to expedite their progress can benefit greatly from this Pokemon GO Level Guide.

Achieving Trainer Levels 1 – 15

The initial 15 Trainer Levels need a total of 100,000 XP, which is not a daunting task. Players can rapidly gain levels by catching and evolving Pokemon or spinning Pokestops. Upon attaining Trainer Level 5, players gain the option to battle in Gyms, a handy way to earn extra XP.

When players reach Trainer Level 8, they gain the opportunity to combat Team Rocket Grunts. However, this could prove to be challenging for those who do not possess a formidable Pokemon team. The table below lists the XP requirements, rewards, and unlocks for Trainer Levels 1 – 15.

Navigating Through Trainer Levels 16 – 30

Achieving Trainer Levels 16 – 22 should be a breeze for players as the XP requirement is still relatively low, needing a total of 435,000 XP. However, from Trainer Level 23 onward, the XP requirement undergoes a sharp increase, culminating in a requirement of 350,000 at Trainer Level 30 (2,000,000 total XP).

At this stage, players should strive to form as many friendships as possible to achieve ‘Best Friend’ status, as this grants both parties 100,000 XP per Best Friend. The table below outlines the XP requirements, rewards, and unlocks for Trainer Levels 16 – 30.

Scaling Trainer Levels 31 – 40

At this juncture, players will start experiencing a significant slowdown in their leveling up speed, as most levels beyond this point demand over 1,000,000 XP, with Trainer Level 40 needing a massive 5,000,000 XP. Consequently, players must exploit every possible XP source that Pokemon GO offers. Mass-evolving Pokemon seems to be an effective leveling method during these stages, especially when a Lucky Egg is active.

Furthermore, players can undertake Special Research tasks such as “A Thousand-Year Slumber” or “A Ripple In Time”, which grant a decent XP amount upon completion. Once players attain level 30, they unlock the Wayfarer Program, enabling them to contribute to the creation of PokeStops and Gyms. The table below delineates the XP requirements, rewards, and unlocks for Trainer Levels 31 – 40.

Advancing Through Trainer Levels 41 – 50

From Trainer Level 41, players are faced with an additional challenge – they need to complete Research Tasks in conjunction with accumulating the required XP to proceed to the next level. Although these Research Tasks aren’t overly arduous (except the final few), they require considerable time to complete.

Undertaking Trainer Level 41 Research Tasks

  1. Power up a Legendary Pokemon 20 Times
  2. Win 30 Raids
  3. Catch 200 Pokemon in a Single Day
  4. Earn 5 Gold Medals

The most formidable task in Trainer Level 41 is probably catching 200 Pokemon within a day. The most efficient way to achieve this is to wait for a Community Day Event when the Pokemon spawn rate typically exceeds that on a standard day. Moreover, by Level 40, players should have earned several Gold Medals, including some of the more challenging ones.

Navigating Trainer Level 42 Research Tasks

  1. Evolve Eevee into All Eevee-lutions
  2. Use Items to Evolve Pokemon 15 Times
  3. Make 3 Excellent Throws
  4. Use 200 Berries to Help Catch Pokemon

These tasks are relatively simple compared to other missions, and players are likely to accomplish them even before accruing sufficient XP to upgrade to Level 42. To evolve Eevee into Jolteon, Vaporeon, or Flareon, players need to rely on RNG since there’s no guaranteed way to induce these Eevee-lutions, except for the naming trick, which is a one-time tactic.

Tackling Trainer Level 43 Research Tasks

  1. Earn 100,000 Stardust
  2. Use 200 Super Effective Charged Attacks
  3. Catch 5 Legendary Pokemon
  4. Earn 5 Platinum Medals

While earning 5 Platinum Medals might seem intimidating, it can be accomplished by focusing on simpler Medals such as completing the Region Pokedex, maintaining 20 Best Friends, or capturing 400 GO Snapshots photobombs. Players can amass a substantial amount of Stardust by catching Pokemon or hatching Eggs, especially when a Star Piece is active for double Stardust gain.

Addressing Trainer Level 44 Research Tasks

  1. Win 30 Trainer Battles in the Great League
  2. Win 30 Trainer Battles in the Ultra League
  3. Win 30 Trainer Battles in the Master League
  4. Battle in the Go Battle League 20 times

This stage calls for players to hone their Pokemon Trainer battle skills since they’ll need to reach the GO Master League, the game’s topmost league. It’s essential for players to stay informed about the current Meta Pokemon teams and the ones with the most effective Special Attacks.

Overcoming Trainer Level 45 Research Tasks

  1. Defeat 100 Team Rocket Grunts
  2. Purify 100 Shadow Pokemon
  3. Defeat a Team Rocket Leader 50 times
  4. Earn 10 Platinum Medals

Team Rocket Grunts appear every few hours, allowing players to theoretically complete the first task within days. However, Rocket Leaders, who pose a significantly greater challenge than the Grunts, only surface after six Team Rocket Grunts have been defeated, so players should strategize accordingly.

Navigating Trainer Levels 46 – 50

Embarking on Trainer Level 46 Research Tasks

  1. Complete 100 Field Research Tasks
  2. Take a Snapshot of a Pokemon 7 Days in a Row
  3. Make 50 Excellent Throws
  4. Hatch 30 Eggs

The tasks for Level 46 are relatively manageable. The 50 Excellent Throws can be easily accumulated with Legendary Pokemon, given their larger Catch Circles compared to regular Pokemon.

Confronting Trainer Level 47 Research Tasks

  1. Win 30 Raids Using a Team of All Unique Pokemon Species
  2. Win a Three-star Raid Using Only Pokemon with 1500 CP or Less
  3. Power up 3 Pokemon to their max CP
  4. Earn 20 Platinum Medals

To win Three-star raids with lower-CP Pokemon, the best strategy is to collaborate with other Trainers as there’s no cap on the number of participants. For the third task, it’s more economical to power up Pokemon with low CP like Pidgey or Rattata, which require less Stardust to reach their maximum CP.

Tackling Trainer Level 48 Research Tasks

  1. Receive 10 Souvenirs from Your Buddy
  2. Earn 300 Hearts with Your Buddy
  3. Walk 200km with Your Buddy
  4. Walk 25km in a Week 8 Times

These tasks may seem daunting due to the significant amount of walking involved. However, with Adventure Sync enabled, players can accomplish them relatively easily.

Approaching Trainer Level 49 Research Tasks

  1. Make 10 Trades with Pokemon Caught at least 300km Apart
  2. Obtain 50 Lucky Pokemon in Trades
  3. Send 500 Gifts to Friends
  4. Earn 35 Platinum Medals

Acquiring 50 Lucky Pokemon in trades and making 10 trades with Pokemon caught at least 300km apart are likely the most challenging tasks. Lucky Pokemon can only be obtained by trading with a Best Friend player, and even then, the probability is quite low. To complete the first task, players need to trade with someone from a different city, state, or even country, at least 300km away.

Taking on Trainer Level 50 Research Tasks

  1. Make 999 Excellent Throws
  2. Successfully Catch at least One of the Next 5 Legendary or Mythical Pokemon You Encounter
  3. Defeat a Team Go Rocket Leader 3 times using only Pokemon with 2,500 CP or less
  4. Achieve Rank 10 in the Go Battle League

Although these are the final tasks required to reach the pinnacle level in Pokemon GO, they aren’t excessively challenging compared to preceding tasks. However, reaching Rank 10 in the GO Battle League might prove to be the most demanding.

The table below outlines the XP required and rewards for Trainer Levels 41 – 50. At these levels, there are no additional unlocks; players have comprehensive access to all that Pokemon GO has to offer.

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