Pokemon GO IVs and Appraisals Guide

The multiverse of Pokemon Go is populated with diverse Pokemon, each bearing unique Individual Values (IVs). These IVs form the essence of the Pokemon, marking their distinction in Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Attack, Special Defense, and HP. The contribution to these Individual Values comes from factors such as the Pokemon’s inherent Nature, base statistics, and Effort Values (EVs). However, the process of calculating IVs in Pokemon GO is refreshingly simpler compared to the mainline games.

In the world of Pokemon GO, Individual Values are confined to HP, Attack, and Defense. Unlike its counterparts, Pokemon GO does not employ a Nature system or EVs for deriving a Pokemon’s IVs. The range of an IV has been reduced from a maximum of 31 to 15. The feature of Appraisal lets players scrutinize a Pokemon’s IVs, thereby aiding in the decision of retaining or transferring a particular Pokemon.

Understanding Pokemon Appraisals

Post-capturing a Pokemon, players can assess its IVs by tapping the icon located in the lower right corner. Choose ‘Appraise,’ and your Team Leader will provide a rundown of the Pokemon’s IVs. The sequence of listing starts with Attack, moves on to Defense, and finally HP. Each IV possesses its distinct “three bar scale,” which contributes to the Pokemon’s “rating” on a 3-star scale.

Pokemon having only half a bar or one bar filled in two out of their three stats usually are zero stars. If two stats of a Pokemon reach the third bar, and the last stat fills up two bars, it likely falls into the 3-star category. For Pokemon with maxed IVs, the ordinarily orange bar turns red, indicating a perfect 4-star Pokemon.

For sorting Pokemon based on their stats, players can leverage filters:

Begin by selecting the Poke Ball icon on the overworld map, then choose Pokemon. Next, tap on the search bar and click “See More.” Scrolling down, you’ll find a category named ‘Appraisal’ with five distinct search options (ranging from 0 stars to Perfect). Additionally, players can locate Pokemon by ranking by keying in a number (0-4) followed by the asterisk (*).

However, don’t get swayed by a Pokemon boasting a high Combat Power (CP). It doesn’t necessarily signify perfect IVs. There can be cases where a Pokemon with IVs as low as 247 enjoys 3-star IVs, while a Pokemon with a whopping 1373 CP might have lackluster IVs. Still, for challenging situations like Team GO Rocket battles or engaging in Raids, incorporating CP and IVs into your strategy significantly elevates your winning probability.

In Pokemon GO, dodging isn’t a part of a Pokemon’s skill set. Consequently, they heavily rely on their HP and Defense IVs. To sustain in the face of an adversary’s onslaught, a Pokemon must possess considerable HP and Defense. A Pokemon’s competence in battle is further governed by their Attack IV and their Fast Move. Therefore, plunging into battle with Pokemon of inferior IVs, regardless of their CP, is generally inadvisable.

Amplifying or Modifying Pokemon GO IVs: A Step-by-step Guide

Unfortunately, there’s no straightforward way to elevate or alter a Pokemon’s IVs once you’ve captured it. However, certain exceptions exist such as Trading, where the Pokemon’s IVs undergo a slight transformation post-trade. An exclusive way to enhance IVs applies only to Shadow Pokemon, achieved through a process known as Purification.

Shadow Pokemon trace their roots back to Pokemon Colosseum. The primary objective there was to snag these creatures from unsuspecting trainers or Cipher. Instead of leveling up, Shadow Pokemon gathered experience that was utilized upon Purification at Agate Village. Purification involved “unlocking a Pokemon’s heart,” achievable through multiple ways, including battling. In Pokemon GO, the Purification process is significantly simplified. To purify a Shadow Pokemon, players need a predefined amount of Stardust and Pokemon Candy.

Just like regular ones, you can examine a Shadow Pokemon’s IVs in the same way. Some trainers favor retaining their Shadow Pokemon due to their increased battle impact, attributable to the Shadow Bonus to their Fast and Charged Moves. On the other hand, purifying a Shadow Pokemon enhances its CP, reduces the Power-Up cost, and gifts 2 points to all their IVs. Consequently, a Pokemon can potentially advance from 2 to 3 stars and so forth. A Pokemon with 13 points (almost completing the third bar of an IV) can reach the IV pinnacle if purified.

Another avenue to acquire Pokemon with differing IVs is through trades with fellow players. The resulting IV values post-trade are randomized, but they can be swayed by the Friend Level. For instance, a Good Friend ensures a minimum IV of 1, while a trade with a Best Friend guarantees a minimum of 6. Lucky Trades can elevate the minimum IV to a staggering 12.

Transferring Pokemon from GO to Let’s Go, Pikachu!/Eevee!, or Pokemon HOME recalculates their IVs.​​​​​​

The derivation of IVs for HP, Attack, and Special Attack involves multiplying the Pokemon’s Attack IV in Pokemon GO and then adding one point. For Defense and Special, the Defense IV in Pokemon GO is doubled and incremented by one. Since Speed doesn’t exist as an IV in Pokemon GO, its IV value is randomized upon transferring the Pokemon to HOME or Let’s Go, Pikachu!/Eevee!.

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