How Damage Is Calculated In Pokemon GO?

Damage in Pokemon GO, like many video games, is dictated by a series of mathematical equations. This damage calculation is critical as it determines the output of a Pokemon’s moves during battles.

The formula used in Pokemon GO is less complex than the one used in mainline games such as Pokemon Sword and Shield, but it still can be quite intimidating for those unfamiliar with mathematical equations. The equation can be broken down and examined in a step-by-step process for a better understanding.

The Damage Equation in Pokemon GO

The damage equation in Pokemon GO involves the following:

Damage = Floor(0.5 * Power * (Attack / Defense) * Multipliers) + 1

Explanation of the Equation Components

Here is a breakdown of each component:

  1. Power: This represents the base power of the move used by the attacking Pokemon.
  2. Attack: This is the attack stat of the attacking Pokemon.
  3. Defense: This is the defense stat of the defending Pokemon.
  4. Multipliers: This refers to a combination of modifiers that influence the amount of damage dealt, such as Type Effectiveness, STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus), Weather, Friendship, Dodge Effectiveness, Mega Evolution status, PvP (player versus player) situation, and Performance during Charged Attack minigames.
  5. Floor: This mathematical function rounds down the resulting value to the nearest whole number.
  6. +1: This ensures that every attack deals at least 1 point of damage, preventing a battle from becoming a stalemate.

Attacker Information

Ho-oh’s Attack & Modifiers Values
Attack 240
Type (Neutral Damage) 1
STAB (Yes) 1.2
Weather (No Active Condition) 1
Friendship (Not Friends) 1
Dodged (No) 1
Mega (No) 1
Trainer (Yes) 1.3
Charged (Getting “Excellent” In The Minigame) 1

Example Calculation

Consider a battle between a Ho-oh with an Attack stat of 240 using a Charged Attack, Fire Blast (with a base Power of 140), against a Lugia with a Defense stat of 320. Assuming normal conditions, without any of the multipliers applying, the calculation would be as follows:

  1. Calculate the Attack-to-Defense ratio: 240 (Attack) divided by 320 (Defense) equals 0.75.
  2. Determine the combined multiplier: Under normal conditions, all multipliers are 1 except STAB, which is 1.2 for Fire Blast (since Ho-oh is a Fire type), and PvP, which is 1.3. Therefore, the combined multiplier equals 1.2 * 1.3 = 1.56.
  3. Apply the damage formula: Floor(0.5 * 140 (Power) * 0.75 (Attack/Defense) * 1.56 (Multiplier)) + 1. This equals Floor(82.5) + 1, which equals 82 + 1. The final damage is therefore 83 HP.

This calculated damage is the amount of HP that the defending Lugia would lose from Ho-oh’s Fire Blast under the described conditions. This equation illustrates how different stats and conditions can influence the outcome of battles in Pokemon GO.

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