Pokemon GO Catch Rate Guide

Irrespective of whether a player aspires to complete their Pokedex in Pokemon GO, or acquire the finest IV Pokemon to compete in the GO Battle Master League, a significant investment in time and effort in capturing Pokemon is mandatory. Although Trading exists within the world of Pokemon GO, the substantial Stardust expense associated with trading Pokemon, particularly Legendaries, poses a challenge even for the most fervent players. However, the art of catching Pokemon can be a complex one, influenced by an array of factors.

On the bright side, Pokemon GO provides numerous strategies to augment a player’s Catch Rate, spanning from Berries to Medals. Nevertheless, some players might remain uninformed about the considerable impact of these items or achievements on their Catch Rate. Thus, we’ve meticulously crafted a comprehensive Catch Rate Guide, designed to enlighten players on enhancing their Catch Rate and facilitating the capture of the required Pokemon, without exhausting their Poke Ball resources.

Demystifying the Catch Rate Mechanic

The Catch Rate mechanic in Pokemon GO is intricately structured, surpassing the complexity observed in other Pokemon games, primarily due to the need to throw a Poke Ball. To begin with, each Pokemon possesses its unique Base Catch Rate, which varies from 0% to 70%. Players can infer the Base Capture Rate of a Pokemon by scrutinizing the Targeting Circle before the Poke Ball is thrown (Red = 0%, Orange = 25%, Yellow = 75%, and Green = 90%+).

Apart from the Base Capture Rate, the Combat Power of a Pokemon also plays a crucial role in determining the final Catch Rate. As one might expect, the higher the CP (commonly indicative of suitability for the GO Battle League), the more challenging it will be to capture. Upon successful landing of a Poke Ball on a Pokemon, the game factors in the Catch Rate modifiers. These modifiers comprise the variety of Poke Ball utilized, Berries, the throw type, medals, and the nature of the encounter. Let’s delve into each modifier.

Poke Ball Varieties

In the realm of Pokemon GO, players have the option to employ four distinct types of Poke Balls for capturing Pokemon, each carrying a unique modifier. Regular Poke Balls and Premier Balls have a modifier of 1, Great Balls come with 1.5, and Ultra Balls carry a value of 2. Using Ultra Balls proves most effective for capturing Pokemon. However, trainers are advised against squandering them on Pokemon with high BCR (Base Catch Rate) like Oddish or Rattata.

The Power of Berries

A majority of novices in Pokemon GO may underestimate the significant influence of a Berry on the final Catch Rate of a Pokemon. Naturally, not all Berries affect Catch Rate, such as Pinap and Nanab Berries. Nonetheless, Razz Berries carry a modifier of 1.5, Silver Pinap Berries have a value of 1.8, and Golden Razz Berries boast a hefty 2.5.

Mastering the Art of Throwing

Arguably, one of the more demanding aspects of Pokemon GO is successfully throwing a Poke Ball at a Pokemon, especially for those who haven’t disabled AR mode. Nevertheless, the manner in which a player executes a throw significantly influences the Catch Rate, underscoring the importance of honing this skill.

The system assigns a modifier of 1.3 to a Nice Throw, a modifier of 1.7 to a Great Throw, and a modifier of 2 to an Excellent Throw. Furthermore, a Curveball, achieved by spinning a Poke Ball before throwing it, contributes an additional 1.7 to the overall modifier of any given throw.

Utilizing Medals

In the game, there are 18 distinct type-specific Medals that affect the Catch Rate of the corresponding Pokemon type. Players lacking a type-specific Medal for a Pokemon receive a modifier of 1. In contrast, players owning a Bronze medal enjoy a modifier of 1.1, Silver corresponds to 1.2, Gold to 1.3, and Platinum to 1.4. For Pokemon embodying more than one type, the average of the corresponding modifiers applies.

Types of Encounters

In general, any Pokemon a player encounters in the wild comes with an Encounter modifier of 1. However, Pokemon discovered as rewards for Field and Timed Research boast a modifier of 2. All Pokemon found in Special Research quests offer a staggering modifier of 1,000 (virtually ensuring a catch). As for Raids, the actual modifier can be nuanced, but some suggest it falls within the range of 1 and 2.

Strategies for Boosting Catch Rate

Distinct from its predecessors, Pokemon GO equips players with a host of strategies to elevate their odds of capturing a Pokemon. Some of these techniques involve earning medals, while others require a rudimentary understanding of Trainer Items – knowledge most beginners should possess. However, players should bear in mind that the chance of a Pokemon fleeing remains, even when the Catch Rate multiplier is at its peak.

To begin, players should aim to achieve Platinum status for all type-specific medals, thereby increasing the Catch Rate Modifier. This entails capturing 2,500 Pokemon of each type-specific category, emphasizing the importance of players attempting to catch every Pokemon appearing on their map. It’s also beneficial for players to master the art of throwing curveballs, even if they aren’t Excellent throws. This not only raises the likelihood of a catch but also awards a respectable amount of XP.

Moreover, players should consistently utilize Razz Berries on standard Pokemon and Silver Pinap/Golden Razz Berries on Pokemon that are more challenging to capture, such as Legendaries. Crucially, players seeking to maximize the utility of Catch Rate modifiers should refrain from using “Auto-Catchers” (which automatically capture Pokemon while offline) as they solely employ Poke Balls to catch Pokemon, thereby limiting the potential for success.

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