Pokemon GO Complete Berries Guide

In Pokemon games, Berries serve as holdable items that can restore the HP of a Pokemon once their health falls below a certain level. There are also Berries that can remedy status conditions like paralysis, poison, and other ailments. Generations 3 and 4 broadened the mechanics of Berries by introducing new ones and giving each a unique design and name. In Pokemon GO, Berries don’t heal Pokemon or cure status ailments, but they are useful when capturing Pokemon.

While traditional Pokemon games feature over 40 different Berry types, Pokemon GO only has five. Furthermore, their function in Pokemon GO differs from their mainline counterparts. Players might question if they should use them when catching Pokemon or save them. The answer depends on the individual players and the type of Berry they’re collecting.

Here are all Berry Types in Pokemon GO

With merely five types of Berries out of the 43 present in most Pokemon games, it’s evident that their usage and impact in Pokemon GO will significantly differ. The Berries in Pokemon GO are: Nanab, Razz, Pinap, Golden Razz, and Silver Pinap Berry. Apart from the initial three, the Golden and Silver Berries were specifically designed for Pokemon GO and currently do not feature in other games except the Silver Pinap Berry, which can be acquired in Let’s Go, Pikachu!/Eevee!.

The table below lists each Berry and where players can obtain them:

Berry Appearance Effect How to Get
Razz Berry Looks like a cluster of pink/red grapes. Increases the catch rate of the next thrown ball. Spin PokeStops and Gyms, Field Research Tasks, may be received upon Leveling Up.
Nanab Berry Looks like a cluster of light pink bananas. Calms the Pokemon down, thereby slowing their movement and keeping the catch circle on-screen for a longer duration. Spin PokeStops and Gyms, Field Research Tasks, may be received upon Leveling Up.
Pinap Berry Looks like a pineapple, hence its name. The amount of Candy obtained from a Pokemon will double if a Pokemon is caught after consuming this Berry. Spin PokeStops and Gyms, Field Research Tasks, may be received upon Leveling Up.
Golden Razz Berry Similar to a Razz Berry, but orange/gold in color. Provides the same effects as a Razz Berry, only the catch rate increase is doubled. Recommended for use on Legendary Pokemon from Raids. Win a Raid, occasionally serves as a reward for Special Research Tasks, spin a PokeStop with a Buddy (Rank: Ultra Buddy).
Silver Pinap Berry Similar to a Pinap Berry, but silver in color. Increases the chances of catching a Pokemon while multiplying the amount of Candy received after a battle by 2.3. Win a Raid, occasionally serves as a reward for Special Research Tasks, Adventure Sync reward, spin a PokeStop with a Buddy (Rank: Ultra Buddy).

Berries in Pokemon GO have multiple uses. They can be used when trying to catch wild Pokemon, to replenish the motivation of Pokemon defending a gym, or to boost the stats of Buddy Pokemon. Here’s how to use Berries effectively in each scenario:

Catching Pokemon

To use a Berry when catching Pokemon, follow these steps:

  1. Tap a Pokemon that appears on the overworld map.
  2. Select the circle-Berry icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  3. Choose a Berry and “throw” it towards the Pokemon.

Keep in mind, the effect of a Berry doesn’t last forever and will dissipate after one or two throws. Therefore, it’s recommended to attempt to catch the Pokemon immediately after using a Berry to avoid wasting it. Certain Pokemon, like Shadow Pokemon, may shake off the Berry’s effects quicker than others due to their aggressive nature.

Pokemon Gyms

Berries can also be used to replenish the motivation of Pokemon defending a gym. Here’s how:

  1. Interact with a gym that’s controlled by your team.
  2. Select a Pokemon.
  3. Tap the Berry Icon and select a Berry to give.

Remember, any Berry can be used to replenish motivation, but Golden Razz Berries fully replenish a Pokemon’s motivation. While it’s generally not recommended to use Golden Razz Berries for this purpose due to their rarity, the decision ultimately lies with the player. Also, you can only feed Berries to Pokemon in a gym controlled by your team.

Buddy Pokemon

Lastly, Berries can be fed to Buddy Pokemon. Doing this three times a day enables them to walk with you on the map, which comes with various benefits such as increasing Friendship level and collecting Candy every 3-5 KM. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Tap the Poke Ball icon at the bottom of the overworld map and select your Buddy Pokemon.
  2. Exit back to the overworld map and tap the Pokemon icon next to the Trainer icon in the lower-left.
  3. Select the green PLAY! button under the Pokemon and use AR Mode or Quick Treat.

Feeding a Berry to your Buddy Pokemon is part of its Daily Activities and grants an Affection Point/Heart. It’s beneficial to increase the Buddy Level of a Pokemon for better rewards from spinning PokeStops.

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