Pokemon GO Beginner Tips to Catch Pokemon in 2023

Unveiled in 2016, Pokemon GO seized global attention, uniting individuals and transforming parks and beaches into lively communities of Pokemon trainers. Fusing the appeal of Pokemon with health, fitness, and a sense of community, Niantic ingeniously crafted a shared gaming experience.

As a free-to-play game, Pokemon GO bridges the gap between different age groups, enabling both adults and children to explore the thrill of hunting elusive Pokemon, competing in gym battles, and socializing with fellow players, all through their mobile devices. The game continues to host annual community gatherings and remains a groundbreaking success in the mobile gaming realm. Novice trainers, however, might appreciate some valuable insights to kickstart their Pokemon expedition.

Uncovering the Mystery of the Fourth Starter

In the captivating world of Pokemon anime, Ash Ketchum began his journey with Pikachu, owing to his late arrival at Professor Oak’s lab, where he was to choose his first Pokemon. This unexpected partnership evolved into one of the most iconic duos in the anime world.

Likewise, Pokemon GO allows players to choose their initial companion from Bulbasaur, Squirtle, or Charmander. But there’s a hidden fourth choice. When presented with the initial trio, you can opt to walk away until they vanish. Repeat this process thrice, and during the fourth iteration, Pikachu will emerge, offering itself as an alternate choice.

Embark on Exciting Walks

One of Pokemon GO’s most compelling features is its ability to transform a mundane walk into an exciting adventure. A simple stroll to work becomes a hunt for rare creatures, enhancing your day with a sense of anticipation and delight. Venturing into new locations will also spawn unique Pokemon to catch.

Embodying the catchphrase “Gotta catch ’em all”, Pokemon GO remains true to the heart of the Pokemon franchise. Moreover, walking helps trainers to discover and spin new Pokestops for daily items or locate gyms for battles. Plus, this exercise yields Pokemon candies, essential for evolving and powering up your Pokemon.

Gift-giving: A Social Tactic

Given the regular community days and daily tasks to acquire items, cultivating social ties is a key strategy for success in Pokemon GO. By adding a new player via the friend’s menu and entering their code, you unlock additional features.

One such benefit is the capability to send and receive gifts. Friends can exchange presents that contain items such as Pokeballs, potions, stickers, and even eggs. You can replenish your gift supply by spinning Pokestops.

The Art of Incubation

The second generation of the primary series, Pokemon Gold and Silver, introduced the concept of breeding Pokemon eggs. These eggs sometimes hatched into entirely new species or exclusive Pokemon not found elsewhere on the map.

Similarly, Pokemon GO incorporates eggs, but they require a bit of effort to hatch. Eggs are received through gifts exchanged between friends. However, they need to be placed in an incubator and require you to walk a certain distance before they hatch. Remember, the more you walk, the quicker your Pokemon egg will hatch!

Mastering the Curveball

Pokeballs, an indispensable tool for all Pokemon enthusiasts, serve to capture and secure Pokemon safely.

The capture mechanics in Pokemon GO mimic those found in Nintendo Switch games, Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee. Players must swipe the screen to launch a Pokeball instead of relying on motion controls. A useful throw to hone is the curveball. To execute this, spin the Pokeball by tracing a circular motion on the screen. Once spinning, swipe diagonally upwards to send the Pokeball into a curveball throw. Mastering this technique increases the likelihood of successful captures, making it an essential skill in your arsenal.

Disabling AR for Effortless Captures

Augmented Reality (AR) can significantly enhance a game when utilized well, integrating characters and environments seamlessly into the real world through a mobile device’s camera. Pokemon GO incorporates AR into its gameplay, but it presents its challenges.

Enabling AR in Pokemon GO allows players to visualize Pokemon in their immediate surroundings, whether it be in their living room, a local park, or a city street. However, this also complicates capturing Pokemon. By disabling AR in the settings, Pokemon will appear static, making them substantially easier to catch.

Daily Tasks: Spinning Pokestops

Pokemon GO offers a range of daily tasks that yield encounters with novel creatures, gifts, and valuable items. Among these tasks, spinning Pokestops stands out.

Pokestops, located at real-world points of interest like landmarks, statues, or schools, offer an abundance of useful items. To receive these, approach a Pokestop, tap, and spin it. This action rewards you with Pokeballs, stickers, gifts, and other useful items free of charge with each visit.

Harness the Power of Incense

Pokemon GO provides a plethora of items to support your journey, including Pokeballs, healing potions, remote raid passes, among others. One incredibly useful yet often underestimated item is the incense.

Deploying incense lures Pokemon, even those not visible on the map, towards you for an entire hour. This item offers a substantial boost for trainers striving to complete their Pokedex or catch additional Pokemon when unable to roam around.

Conquer a Gym

In the Pokemon universe, gym challenges serve as major hurdles for aspiring Pokemon masters. Pokemon GO introduces its own gyms, each boasting unique challenges for daring players.

Another team can claim a gym at any moment by defeating the residing Pokemon. To initiate a takeover, simply approach a gym and commence the battle. Joining forces with a friend can ease the task, either via remote pass using codes or by physically visiting a gym and indulging in a real-world battle.

Learning to Let Go

While it’s undeniably appealing to have Pokemon companions accompany you on your adventures, there’s no need to keep every Pokemon you catch. Sometimes, it’s best to bid some of them farewell.

Although catching Pokemon is a key aspect of the game, having numerous duplicates, like 15 Zigzagoon, may not prove beneficial. To handle such situations, Pokemon GO offers an option to send Pokemon to the professor. This not only garners candies to boost other Pokemon of the same species but also frees up space in your team.

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