Pokemon Go Advanced Tips to Catch Pokemon

Pokemon Go is fundamentally straightforward and enjoyable. The premise involves a bit of walking, hunting Pokemon, amassing as many as possible, and stopping by Poke Stops to replenish your bag with valuable items to aid your Trainer.

However, transforming into a maestro of the game demands more than just the basics. Here are some expert strategies to elevate your Pokemon Go experience:

Egg Hatching and Judicious Incubator Use

When you visit Poke Stops or receive gifts, you will accumulate eggs. These eggs are potential Pokemon, promising XP and candies once incubated and subjected to a specific distance—2km, 5km, 7km, or 10km. While all Trainers start with an infinite incubator (denoted by the ∞ symbol), rewards and purchases may provide you with limited use 3x incubators. Here’s how to maximize their efficiency:

  • Preserve your 3x incubators for 10km eggs.
  • Reserve your infinite incubator for the smaller 2km eggs.

With this approach, your incubator use becomes more economical. Moreover, stay alert for special events with reduced hatching distances. Typically, longer distance eggs yield greater rewards.

Prioritize XP Building, Followed by Pokemon Power-ups

The proficiency of your Trainer is measured by the XP you possess. The XP levels increase progressively, requiring more XP for each level up. However, as you ascend, the rewards become more attractive. You can evolve and hatch Pokemon at higher levels, and power-ups become accessible to higher levels.

If you power-up your Pokemon while your XP is still low, it will be more costly in terms of candies. Therefore, it’s advisable to conserve your Pokemon power-ups until you’ve reached a more advanced XP level—preferably beyond level 20.

  • To expedite XP accumulation, consider these tactics:
  • Use a Lucky Egg during active play.
  • Evolve base Pokemon with surplus candies—like Pidgey or Rattata.
  • Capture all Pokemon you encounter.
  • Engage in Gym battles with friends to earn additional XP.

Craft a Strong Lineup, Maintain Your Bag Efficiently

The game has two sections that track your caught Pokemon:

Bag: Contains the Pokemon currently available to you.

Pokedex: Chronicles all caught Pokemon, spotted Pokemon, and outlines the evolution paths.

It’s unnecessary to hoard every kind of Pokemon in your bag—leave that to the Pokedex.

Instead, focus on retaining the Pokemon you truly require: a formidable team for Gym and Raid battles. Although having diverse Pokemon may seem appealing, it’s more beneficial to possess multiple powerful Blisseys than a collection of less useful Pokemon like Caterpie, Metapod, Kakuna, etc. Therefore, familiarize yourself with your Pokemon’s abilities and form a robust team with competent fighters, such as Gengar, Blissey, Vaporeon.

Retain Pokemon you still need to evolve and those requiring a special item for evolution, like Onix for Steelix.

Lastly, keep an eye out for special edition characters, like seasonal Pikachu. These can evolve into exceptional Raichu, making them a worthy addition to your collection—and a source of envy in Gyms.

Candy Acquisition through Pokemon Transfers

There’s an option in the game that allows you to Transfer Pokemon to the professor. In return, you’ll receive Candy specific to that Pokemon variety. Once you’ve captured a Pokemon and acquired the Stardust and Candy it brings, you can proceed to transfer out Pokemon that are not required.

For instance, if you’ve amassed 20 Rattatas, it would be advisable to exchange a few for candies, allowing you to power up those who will eventually evolve into combat-ready Raticates. As mentioned earlier, your carrying capacity for Pokemon is limited, and you want your lineup to consist of formidable fighters. Therefore, parting ways with weaker specimens is beneficial.

Understanding the Evolution Pathway

The Pokedex provides insights into how a Pokemon evolves, which can be particularly helpful when deciding whether to expend Candy for power-ups or evolution. If you’re swimming in a pool of Pidgys and own a handful of Pidgeottos, it’s probably wiser to save your candies until you can evolve Pidgeotto into Pidgeot, which demands more candies.

Creating more mid-tier Pokemon is less advantageous compared to acquiring rarer evolved forms, which often prove more useful in battles.

Also, it’s important to double-check the evolution path. Many Pokemon have subsequent evolved forms introduced as the game expands. For instance, with the introduction of the Sinnoh region, new versions became accessible. You’ll need a Sinnoh Stone for their evolution, which implies that certain Pokemon that were previously considered maxed out can still evolve further.

Strategic Use of Lucky Eggs

Occasionally, you might acquire a Lucky Egg, which doubles your XP earned for 30 minutes. However, it’s prudent not to use it impulsively. Try to utilize it when you anticipate a surge in activities, such as when you arrive at a new location swarming with Pokemon or gyms.

Therefore, reserve those Lucky Eggs for those monumental Pokemon Go sessions in the town center, allowing you to reap maximum XP.

Consider Disabling AR Mode

While the AR mode can be quite enjoyable, bringing the Pokemon world into reality, it drains your battery faster and can make the game more challenging. Moreover, it might not function on some lower-powered devices.

Turning off AR mode and playing in the virtual game world makes catching Pokemon easier due to consistent environmental conditions and also preserves battery life.

Mastering the Poke Stop

When you approach a Poke Stop and spin the sign, it’s not necessary to tap all the items released. Simply press the X at the bottom to close the Stop, and your rewards will be automatically claimed.

Also, if you’re relaxing near a Poke Stop, perhaps enjoying a meal or a cup of coffee, you can revisit that Stop repeatedly. It merely takes a few minutes to become accessible again.

Seizing Gyms

Gyms serve as the primary channel to Coins and hence, symbolize the real triumph in Pokemon Go. Taking control of a Gym for your team by winning battles and leaving a formidable Pokemon behind to safeguard it, allows you to accumulate more Coins over time. The longer your Pokemon holds its ground and defends the Gym, the more Coins you earn, eventually enabling you to buy more items.

Some Pokemon, like Blissey, are tough to overthrow. But remember, in high turnover Gyms (especially those in town centers), your Pokemon might be ousted soon, so deploying your strongest might not be beneficial. Also, note that Pokemon stationed in Gyms without defending don’t earn many coins – thus, a remote Gym that is seldom challenged won’t yield as many Coins as you may anticipate.

Engage in Raid Battles You Can Win

While this might appear as a timid strategy, there’s no merit in pitting your 86CP Squirtle against a 50000CP Kyogre. If your roster doesn’t contain enough powerful Pokemon or if you lack a team of friends to battle alongside, you’re bound to lose, followed by the necessity to revive your Pokemon and treat them with Potions.

Therefore, make sure to assess the strength of the Pokemon in the Raid Battle before joining in. When contesting in Gym battles, you can gradually wear down your opponents. Thus, challenging more potent adversaries might lead to some progress, even though you’re likely to lose.

Opt for a Rare Type Buddy

Certain Pokemon appear infrequently. Designating such a Pokemon as your buddy allows you to gradually amass the corresponding candies as you walk. Eventually, you might accumulate enough candies to evolve that Pokemon.

However, it’s probably not a good idea to choose Magikarp as your buddy, given that you need 400 candies for its evolution, and you might lose interest before reaching that number. Also, note that different Pokemon require varying walking distances for candy accumulation.

Strategic Use of Golden Razz Berry or Silver Pinap Berry

Golden Razz Berry and Silver Pinap Berry are essentially the paramount berries, extremely useful for capturing elusive Pokemon. If a particular Pokemon has been eluding your capture attempts, resorting to a Golden Razz Berry can turn the tides in your favor. The Silver Pinap Berry, on the other hand, rewards you with extra candies upon capturing a Pokemon.

Golden Razz Berries can also be fed to your Pokemon stationed in a Gym. This berry can restore your Pokemon back to its optimal fighting form when it’s feeling low, thus helping you maintain control over the Gym.

Understanding Pokemon Types and Battle Advantages

If you’re having a hard time defeating a Pokemon, it’s probably due to type advantage, which essentially forms the core of Pokemon battles. This is reflected in Pokemon Go, with weather conditions further amplifying certain types over others. Also, specific fighting moves of your Pokemon come into play.

Several charts detailing type advantages are available online for reference. However, the basic principle remains that certain types hold an upper hand against others.

Restart the App Regularly

Pokemon Go, known for its instability, often shows a spinning icon at the top left indicating server communication – and sometimes it gets stuck there. If you notice no Poke Stops and no nearby Pokemon, it might be time for a restart.

Travel Broadly and Participate in Special Events

Venturing to diverse locations helps you find a wider variety of Pokemon. Special events often introduce less common or new Pokemon, including region-specific ones. Keep an eye on the news section of the Pokemon Go app for the latest events.

Use Battery Saving Mode

Pokemon Go consumes considerable battery power. Battery saving mode in Pokemon Go lets the screen shut off when the phone is upside down, preserving battery life. Ensure your phone has an accelerometer for this function.

Engage in Field and Special Research

Research presents a variety of tasks, adding to the game’s diversity and leading to rarer Pokemon, often through special events. Tips for managing research tasks include:

Delete difficult tasks, such as “make five great throws in a row”

Don’t claim all rewards on the same day, spread them out

Avoid claiming the final reward unless there’s a new Pokemon type available to catch

Use Adventure Sync

With Adventure Sync, Pokemon Go can be synced with your phone’s step counter, meaning you don’t need the app open all the time. This feature allows you to hatch eggs more easily, even when you’re not actively playing.

Favorite Pokemon for Easy Access

With increasing regions in Pokemon Go, it can be challenging to keep track of those Pokemon that can still evolve. Use the favorite function to put a star on them, making it easier to find and evolve them.

Raid Remotely

With Remote Raid Passes, you can now participate in Raids without having to physically be at the location. This feature offers a way to acquire some of the rarer Pokemon you might need.

Participate in Battles for Additional Rewards

While the original game focused on discovery and finding Pokemon, the introduction of Battles adds another layer and a plethora of rewards. Battles don’t rely on walking and exploring, so you can engage in this aspect of the game from home to improve your position.

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