10 Mistakes Everyone Makes While Playing Pokemon GO

Since its inception, Pokemon GO has revolutionized mobile gaming with a myriad of innovative features. This augmented reality game has successfully drawn a wide audience, from ardent Pokemon enthusiasts to curious beginners, providing them with an opportunity to embark on a thrilling Pokemon journey right in their locale. However, the game’s simplistic exterior can often mask its nuanced mechanics, leading players, especially the new ones, into making certain common errors.

The varied dynamics of Pokemon GO may seem rudimentary at first glance. Still, it’s not uncommon for trainers to miss out on quick solutions or complimentary items while they’re engrossed in hunting for superior Pokemon. To facilitate a seamless Pokemon adventure, veterans should guard against retaining any detrimental habits acquired during their rookie days.

Neglecting to Capture Every Pokemon, Including Duplicates

It might seem superfluous to catch the five-hundredth Pidgey you stumble upon, particularly after securing all the ordinary Pokemon and having your eyes set on the elusive ones. However, avoid falling prey to the mistake of ignoring effortless captures. Pokeballs, being one of the most abundant resources in a player’s inventory, should not be spared, as trainers often run short of stardust.

To ward off a stardust drought in the advanced stages of the game, prudent trainers make it a point to capture every Pokemon they encounter. Catching Rattatas and Pidgeys might become monotonous eventually, but the accumulation of stardust is indispensable, and the superior Pokemon aren’t going to level up themselves.

Overlooking the Practice of Sending and Receiving Gifts

It’s quite easy to overlook the gift system while you’re engrossed in the core activities of Pokemon GO – catching, trading, and battling Pokemon. Given its tucked-away position in a separate menu, it lacks the immediate thrill that comes with capturing a new Pokemon. However, the gift system is indeed worth every trainer’s attention. Not only are these gifts completely free, but a consistent practice of sending and receiving gifts on a daily basis offers a considerable amount of experience. In fact, maintaining this habit long enough to achieve the Best Friends status provides additional experience boosts.

Furthermore, there’s always the possibility of a friend turning into a Lucky Friend. Trading Pokemon with a Lucky Friend enhances the IV minimums, expediting the process of churning out perfect IV Pokemon. If nothing else, the Friend system is an excellent method to accrue more free materials, which, as every trainer is aware, tend to vanish rapidly.

Inappropriate Utilization of Stardust

It’s natural to be swayed by the latest trend, but overspending stardust on a fleeting investment can spell disaster. The competitive landscape of Pokemon GO evolves rapidly, and today’s hot Pokemon may not retain its allure once you’ve exhausted your stardust reserves trying to level it up. By the time a trainer manages to level up a currently popular Pokemon, counter strategies will likely have emerged, resulting in a shift of the meta. It’s always a prudent move to invest some time into researching which Pokemon promise the best long-term viability.

Additionally, don’t let perfect IVs lead you astray. As tempting as it may be to pour stardust into a shiny Pokemon with perfect stats, it’s worth noting that these stats do not necessarily imply the Pokemon’s overall usefulness. Investing heaps of stardust into a C-Tier Pokemon with perfect IVs is likely to yield mediocre results, even if the Pokemon is operating at its maximum potential.

Neglecting the Importance of IVs

In the arena of Pokemon GO, just like in the original Pokemon games, Individual Values or IVs play a pivotal role, especially for those engaged in competitive play. The exhilaration of securing a rare Pokemon might lure a trainer into impulsively investing stardust, but this could potentially turn into a regrettable decision if the Pokemon isn’t performing to its fullest potential.

Before committing a substantial amount of resources to a Pokemon for competitive duels, it’s imperative to examine its stats to determine if the investment will pay off. If the stats justify the effort, go ahead! If not, consider trying to catch a few more of the same Pokemon, or even trading with friends to improve your odds of obtaining a Pokemon with perfect IVs.

Relying on Recommended Pokemon in Raid Battles

Although Pokemon recommended by the game’s algorithm might seem like a sure bet, they are far from perfect. The game suggests Pokemon based solely on their overall stats and types, not necessarily their effectiveness in raid battles. While this might not be a significant concern for casual players, those aiming for consistent performances should always enter a raid battle with a pre-selected team.

Conduct some research to uncover other potentially more effective Pokemon that could enhance your raid battle outcomes. The time invested in assembling a competent team will undoubtedly pay dividends compared to the frustration of dealing with ineffectual recommendations.

Disregarding Gym Battles

Gym battles may seem like a relic from Pokemon GO’s early days for some players, but they remain one of the few ways to earn free PokeCoins within the game. Ignoring Gym battles in the quest for more recent and enticing content could lead to a slowdown, and possibly the need to spend real-world money once a player’s PokeCoin reservoir depletes. Numerous elements in the game such as Raid Passes, Incubators, Star Pieces, and more depend on players having PokeCoins at their disposal.

Therefore, it’s advisable to max out those free 50 PokeCoins daily. Failing to seize these complimentary assets could greatly affect your ability to purchase item bundles. For those striving to remain competitive without incurring in-game costs, Gym battles offer an optimal alternative to spending real money.

Overlooking the Option of “Re-Rolling” for Superior IVs

A majority of players fail to comprehend that trading in Pokemon GO is not merely a transfer of Pokemon from one player to another. For those in possession of rare Pokemon with subpar IVs, trading offers a better solution than simply discarding the underperforming creature. Trainers can ‘reroll’ the IVs of any Pokemon they own through trading, thereby enabling them to improve their Pokemon’s IVs without having to catch the same Pokemon repeatedly.

Each trade comes with a nominal cost of 100 stardust (provided both trainers already have the traded Pokemon in their Pokedex), and also entirely randomizes the traded Pokemon’s stats. As a bonus, there’s a 5% chance that the traded Pokemon turns Lucky, implying a 50% reduction in stardust consumption when powering up the Pokemon!

Overlooking Limited-Time Events

Pokemon GO frequently hosts special events, and it’s not unusual for players to lose track of what’s happening and when. However, diligent players stand to gain a lot from these time-bound events. They offer a variety of rewards from Community Day moves, to escalated Pokemon spawn rates, and even the appearances of region-specific Pokemon that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Each event, regardless of whether it features a player’s preferred Pokemon, usually presents unique, time-sensitive rewards. In the least, these events allow for faster resource collection. Actively participating in these events can significantly expedite the enhancement of a player’s Pokemon roster.

Neglecting to Keep an Egg in the Incubator

It’s a common occurrence. An egg in the incubator hatches, revealing either a thrilling new Pokemon or a forgettable one destined for transfer, and the player gets wrapped up in rearranging their lineup, leaving the incubator vacant for miles. Although most trainers understand the importance of always having an egg in the incubator, they often neglect to replace one once it hatches.

Even though incubating multiple eggs simultaneously might demand a significant amount of resources, a player’s personal egg incubator can be used indefinitely, albeit for one egg at a time. It is advisable for seasoned players to develop the habit of regularly checking their incubator, ensuring that an egg is consistently on its way to hatching.

Persisting with AR-Mode Enabled

Undeniably, spotting a wild Pokemon frolicking on your local street is delightfully charming. However, this charm comes at the expense of considerable battery life. Moreover, the use of AR mode often makes the Pokemon deceptively challenging to catch. Keeping the phone’s camera active usually results in shorter Pokemon GO sessions and a trickier time aiming Pokeballs at the semi-stationary AR Pokemon.

Deactivating AR mode often leads to longer, more productive sessions of hunting and capturing the Pokemon you’re after, while also reducing the chances of Pokeball misfires. Although it’s quite thrilling to see Pokemon in real-world environments, the novelty wears thin once players realize they can only encounter a few Pokemon before their battery life runs out.

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